Why Smile Select Dental Plan?

Immediate plan activation
Low yearly membership fee
NO waiting periods
NO annual maximums
NO claim forms to submit
Cosmetic Services included
Specialty Services included if available at office

Examples of Savings


Procedure UCR – Cost Without Plan* Cost With Plan Your Savings
Exam $103.00 NO CHARGE $103.00
Complete Full Mouth Series of X-Rays $148.00 NO CHARGE $148.00
Panoramic Radiographic Image $125.00 NO CHARGE $125.00
Cleaning (Adult) $106.00 $60.00 $46.00
Filling $204.00 $122.00 $82.00
Crown $1,350.00* $1,012.00* $338.00*
Crown – Build-Up $302.00* $226.00* $76.00*
Extraction – Impacted $364.00* $273.00* $91.00*
Total Cost With Plan $2,702.00 $1,693.00

Your Total Savings As A Plan Member $1,009.00

* Participating Dental Providers have agreed to discount their usual and customary fees by 25% for services not listed above, provided those ADA codes or services are offered in office. “Usual” refers to the normal rate charged for the service by the Provider rendering the treatment, and “Customary” is defined as the usual rates of the Providers in the local area. The UCR fee can vary by location, and provided those ADA codes are offered in the office..